Takes the already very popular tweetbot terminator alt icons to a whole new level!

I know people who will absolutely love this and that by does not been my any stretch of the imagination that I don’t!
Does what it says on the tin.
Gives all your folders on a mac a dark look.
Must say, the best clear app alternatives I’ve seen so far.

Pure unadulterated eye candy!!
Delightfully created Adobe Photoshop Icon made in the style of other apple developer application icons.

Professional, look and feel. 
Maybe, maybe could have been a little squarer but the guilt I feel for complaining should show you how much of a find this icon is!
Delicious range of Candybar icons in a tasty set of yummy colours.

Scrumptious! :)
Gorgeous, tiny, pastel icons.
Each one looks like its been chiseled from a piece of mellow coloured chalk.

Could looks understandably wonderful in the right set-up.
Slick, clean, icloudesce feel to this set.
Could easily fit into someones website design.
Thanks for this nostalgic loveliness.
Lens.ly app icon
What can I say? The preview doesn’t show it to its best but give your dock a christmas gift and kit it out with any of the 9 colours .
Beautiful texture and subtle led indicator. Great professional look.